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English Conversation1: Lesson 2

11:55 06/07/2012

- Dùng a/an với các danh từ số ít. VD: a book, an umbrella Dùng an với những từ bắt đầu bằng nguyên âm (u,e,o,a,i). VD: an identity card (một chứng minh thư)

English Conversation 1 - Lesson 1

21:58 05/07/2012

What’s your name? Tên bạn là gì? Where are you from? Bạn từ đâu đến? Where’s he from? Anh ấy từ đâu đến?

Truyện tiếng Anh: The Little Pianist

17:45 23/06/2012

Azul loves to play the piano and he wants to become not just a good pianist but a great pianist. See how he learns the secret.

Truyện tiếng Anh: Four Friends

12:03 21/06/2012

Four friends: a deer, a tortoise, a crow and a mouse are worried about the hunter's traps. Will they outwit him?

Truyện tiếng Anh: The Silly North Wind and Clever Sun

10:14 20/06/2012

The North Wind and the Sun have a fight over which of them is stronger. Can you guess who will win? The vain North Wind proclaims that he is the strongest. But the Sun does not agree. They decide...

Truyện tiếng Anh: The Three Best Things

10:01 19/06/2012

The three best things in life are things we seldom recognize. This is a story that will force you to acknowledge... The three best things!

Truyện tiếng Anh: The Proud Teacher

12:02 18/06/2012

A scholar and a poor uneducated boatman start a conversation. The scholar dismisses the boatman's life as wasted but ends up wasting his own life! Find out how and what causes this to happen...

Truyện tiếng Anh: The Wise Leader

09:38 15/06/2012

The cautiousness of the wise may be looked upon as over cautiousness by the foolish. This tale tells us of how true wisdom comes only through experience.

Truyện tiếng Anh: Castles in the Air

23:12 14/06/2012

A story about dreams being just that unless one gives it importance by acting towards it becoming a reality!

Truyện tiếng Anh: The Greedy Merchant

10:17 14/06/2012

Abdullah is a rich but greedy merchant. He meets a holy man who promises to lead him to a treasure. But when the holy man sees his petty greed, he decides to teach the merchant a lesson he will...

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